Self-Guided Waterfall Hikes

At Alpine Meadows Resort, you’re close to the beauty and natural wonders of Wells Gray Provincial Park. Every year, visitors come to hike the lush back country and explore the alpine terrain of Wells Gray. The park’s waterfalls make wonderful hikes year-round, and many make easy destinations for beginner hikers.

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The Land of 14 Waterfalls

The self guided winter waterfall tour is an amazing winter activity for anyone in need of some fresh air and epic natural beauty. You can easily access most of the falls by hiking or snowshoeing, as many of the trails are professionally groomed and maintained year round. Take a thrilling look into a Canadian winter wonderland.


This is the crowning jewel and most iconic waterfall of Wells Gray Provincial Park, and happens to be the 4th tallest waterfall in all of Canada! All of your senses will be stimulated as you take in the thunderous roar of the cascading icy blue waters and the unique sight of the ice cone formed at the base of the falls. It is truly a site of awe and beauty.

You can easily access the viewing platform by the Clearwater Valley road which is ploughed and maintained year round. If you’re interested in a more challenging adventure, explore the Helmcken Falls Rim Trail, which is moderately accessible. Stretching over 8km and typically a 3 hour round trip, you can hike or snowshoe to a closer view of the falls. Just be cautious of the lack of barriers around the falls, and be wary of potential falling ice.


If you’ve ever been to Niagara Falls on the cusp of the Canadian-American border, you’ll surely love Dawson falls. With a wide mouthed drop of crystal clear waters over a 200,000 year old Lava bed, you’ll be enthralled with western Canada’s version of the legendary Niagara falls. You can find parking at the bus pullout on Clearwater road, then walk or snowshoe down the short trail to the falls.


Arguably the easiest of the available winter adventures, Mushbowl Falls offers a mesmerizing view of a long stretching river and vast scenic forests. You can easily access the viewing point by crossing the quaint one lane wooden bridge on the way to Helmcken Falls. Enjoy a thermos of hot coffee or soup while soaking up this peaceful little slice of heaven.

Photo © Christine Li


Fall in love with this hidden gem, tucked into the expansive surrounding cliff faces of Wells Gray Provincial Park. Watch as the slow flowing water freezes into beautiful ice crystals climbing up the cliff, accompanied by the vividly stunning snow-covered rock layers that jut out from the cliff faces. Take a deep breath, feel the sensations of the fresh mountain air as it fills your lungs and clears your mind. This is the reset you needed.

Take the turn off for Spahats, 11km up Wells Gray Park Road coming up from Clearwater, and snowshoe or hike into the falls.

Photo © Anthony Stahn


Not for the faint of heart, Mouls Falls beckons to advanced adventurers only. This trail is not maintained in the winter months, and the trail leading into the falls can have a slippery downslope. It is advised to use extreme caution while accessing this trail, and to be on the lookout for unmarked steep cliff drop offs and falling ice. For those brave enough to make the journey, Mouls Falls is well worth its efforts. The 3km round trip will guide you to the jaw dropping views of icey blue water frozen into tapered stalactite formations that hang across from a secret lava rock cave. You can find the trailhead 20km up Clearwater Valley Road. Hikers and snowshoers enter at their own risk.

Visit the Land of 14 Waterfalls this summer for an escape into the beauty of Wells Gray Park. Reserve your summer booking at Alpine Meadows Resort by calling (250) 587-6368 or through our web form. With a wide range of exciting summer activities such as camping, kayaking, swimming, horseback riding, and more, you’ll find endless options for an exceptional vacation.

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