Wells Gray Provincial Park is a destination of sheer wonder and natural beauty in the North Thompson Okanagan. Often referred to as the waterfall park, this 5,000 sq-km territory is one of Canada’s largest parks, welcoming guests from around the world with breathtaking views of flora, fauna, and over 40 named waterfalls.

In this article, we’ll discuss some exciting reasons to visit Wells Gray this shoulder season, including a rustic stay at our own Alpine Meadows Resort!

A woman sits near a small cascading waterfall in the forest

Experience The Beauty Of The Waterfalls

Wells Gray is home to over 40 named (and countless unnamed) waterfalls, including the stunning Helmcken Falls — Canada’s fourth-highest waterfall. The viewpoint overlooking the 141-metre cascade offers a beautiful view of the river below and can be reached by following a short walking trail.

The establishment of Wells Gray Provincial Park in 1939 was partially motivated by the desire to protect Helmcken Falls. It is named after Arthur Wellesley Gray, Minister of Lands for British Columbia.

The Spahats Creek Falls is another awe-inspiring sight in Wells Gray Provincial Park. The fall can be reached by a short trail that starts at the campground. You’ll know you’re getting close when you hear the booming roar of rushing water.
We’d also recommend a stop at the Mushbowl, Dawson Falls and Baileys Chute while driving along the parkway!

A woman hikes along a forested pathway in British Columbia.

Explore The Network Of Hiking Trails

Wells Gray Provincial Park has a fantastic network of hiking trails that meander through the stunning landscapes, providing visitors with plenty of opportunities to see wildlife and fully appreciate the park’s natural beauty. Some of the most popular hiking trails include Spahats Creek Trail, Moul Falls Trail, and Mineral Springs Trail.

For a simple, short hiking experience, Moul Falls is your best bet. It’s a perfect hiking trail to visit in the shoulder season, as you’ll see breathtaking ice formations along the jagged rocks and a half-frozen cascade of water at the falls site.

Wells Gray hiking trails are well-maintained and offer stunning views of nature along the way. But be sure to exercise caution around ice and stay within the confines of the marked trail.

A giant moose stands over western flora, eating the plant.

Wildlife Viewing

The vast wilderness of the North Okanagan is teeming with wildlife, making it a naturalist’s paradise for observing and studying diverse Canadian fauna in its natural habitat.

Some of the animals that can be found in Wells Gray Provincial Park include black bears, grizzly bears, deer, and moose. There are also a variety of birds that call the park home, including sparrows, hummingbirds, hawks and owls.

Be sure to keep a distance from the wildlife and follow the speed limits along the parkway. Bears will most likely be hibernating at this point in the season but we still recommend taking precautions. It’s best to stay 50 metres away from the bears (at least), travel in large tight-knit groups with any pets on a leash, and carry bear spray.

To get a great view of the wildlife without putting yourself at risk we recommend bringing along a pair of binoculars for your sightseeing.

A man stands on a boat, fishing on the lake overlooking Alpine Meadow Resort.

A Resort Paradise For Fall & Winter

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As the snows set in for the season, tons of winter activities will become available including, shredding the Clearwater Ski Hill, snowshoeing along the trails, backcountry and cross country skiing, ice fishing, and more. Our resort offers the perfect basecamp to play all season long.

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