The Journey Along the Way

Everyone knows the quote “it’s not the destination, it's the journey” and when it comes to exploring beautiful BC, that saying evolves into much more than a simple proverb. British Columbia boasts an endless expanse of natural beauty and inspires a sense of curiosity and adventure to explore what lies within. Clearwater BC is home to pristine mountain ranges, crystal clear waters, and many other natural wonders that draw in visitors from near and far.

At Alpine Meadows Resort, we’re proud to be nestled into the heart of such a beautiful place, and we want to welcome you to join us this summer for the ultimate outdoor vacation! Whether you’re traveling from Vancouver or Calgary, we’ve made sure to include some “must-see” pit stops along the way to ensure you get the most out of your summer road-trip.

Traveling to Clearwater from Vancouver

There are multiple routes you can take from Vancouver to Clearwater but the most common way through is to pass through the stunning Okanagan Valley. With dozens of wineries and fruit-stands to stop off at, the Okanagan offers a wide selection of local delicacies and world-class vino for you to indulge in while embarking on your Alpine Meadows vacation. Wineries and fruit stands are easy to spot along the highway with ample places to pull over and park; just look for the signs and follow wherever your heart (or stomach) takes you.

On the way to Clearwater, you'll pass through the welcoming city of Merritt. Plan a stop and visit Nicola Lake, a beautiful and peaceful park with plenty of pullovers for a brief stop. Learn more about the history at the region at the nearby Nicola Valley Museum & Archives.

If you’re in need of a stretch or a bite to eat, Kamloops BC has some awesome local hot spots for you to check out. Stretch your stiff legs and take in the view where the Thompson, North Thompson, and South Thompson rivers intersect from the Kamloops Viewpoint located in Riverside Park.

Hungry? Check out the city's best ramen shop, Tiger Ramen, for super authentic Japanese noodles and ramen, made fresh daily entirely from scratch. They even offer ramen to go if you're in a rush to get back on the road. Kamploops is roughly two hours outside of Clearwater, making it a great point in the journey to take a breather!

Traveling to Clearwater from Alberta

If you’re travelling from Calgary AB, you will inevitably pass through Banff National Park. With jaw dropping mountain peaks and exquisite views, Banff is a destination in itself. Break up the drive and take a stroll through one of the many trails offered to visitors and tourists. A scenic and short tail is the Fenland Trail which takes you through rich old growth forests and along some pleasant walkways.

Nearby Canmore contains a number of delicious restaurants and delightful boutique shops. If you left early in the morning, stop for breakfast or brunch at the locally famous Summit Cafe. You can sit outside and enjoy the amazing view while you sip your free trade coffee.

If you’re travelling from Edmonton, there are some epic sites to take in that are equally stunning. Jasper, Alberta is another “can’t miss” destination for many travellers and is home to the famous Jasper provincial park!

Established in 1907, Jasper is famous for its beautiful mountains, forests, and wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled and you might see a bear! One of Jasper’s must-see attractions is Miette Hot Springs, a natural hot spring that’s said to have healing powers. After a dip, enjoy lunch with some craft beer at Jasper Brewing Co.

As you plan your summer vacation, keep in mind that travel restrictions may limit availability of these attractions. Always check with your local, provincial,a nd federal health guidelines before planning a trip.

No matter what direction you’re coming from, the sites will be unbeatable, the hospitality will be impeccable and the journey will be unforgettable! Alpine Meadows looks forward to welcoming you this summer. Call 250-587-6368 or book online now to reserve your stay today!