Alpine Meadows Resort respectfully acknowledges that the lands mentioned below are located in the Simpcw/Secwepemc territory, which is situated in the Southern Interior of British Columbia within the unceded traditional lands of the Simpcw/Secwepemc Nation.

Warm sunny days are best spent outside enjoying the stunning beauty of BC’s natural splendor. Alpine Meadows Resort is conveniently tucked into a lush ecological pocket, filled with some of Canada’s most legendary waterfalls and views. Wells Gray hikes are some of the best ways to experience what this area has to offer and provide easy access to some of the most breath-taking sights in the region. Pack the camera and hit the trails. Adventure awaits!

Spahat Falls

Spahat (Creek) Falls’ cavernous mouth feeds crystalline, glacier water into a 200-foot drop that fills the winding creek below. A viewing platform perches on the adjacent facing ridge that has been made easily accessible by a trail located only 5-minutes from the parking lot.

The name Spahats comes from the Simpcw/Secwépemc communities and original inhabitants of the land and translates to the word Bear. The falls and creek were affectionately known as ‘Bear Creek Falls’ until the late 1960s when it was decided to permanently adopt ‘Spahats’ as the official name, due to the large number of Bear Creeks already existing in BC.

Found in Wells Gray Provincial Park, and a short half-hour drive from the resort, this adaptable little hike has one of the most spectacular views in the whole park and is also one of the most accessible routes for hikers of every experience level.

Moul Falls

Follow the tranquility of Moul Falls’ quiet forested trails through lush old growths and down into the heart of a small gorge, carved out by an eternity of quickly cascading waters and mist. In the later summer months, it is safe to descend to the base of the waterfall where you can access a route that leads behind the flowing water and gives those brave enough to venture inside an unparalleled view.

Although Moul falls is one of the smallest in the park, this humble little waterfall is definitely worth the excursion and when the sun is just right in the sky, viewers are treated to a canyon filled with refreshing rainbow mist.

Helmcken Falls

Wells Gray is well-known as the land of waterfalls, but none of them are as famous as the incredible Helmcken Falls. Fed by Murtle River, this iconic 470-foot waterfall is the fourth-tallest waterfall in Canada and was originally formed by nearby volcanic fields around 200,000 years ago. Protecting this awe-inspiring waterfall and surrounding area was a major factor in the development and establishment of the Wells Gray Provincial Park.


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In the winter months, a large frozen cone forms at the base of the waterfall, stretching almost halfway up the falls on occasion. This impeccable waterfall is easily accessible for all skill levels and has a viewing platform located minutes from the parking lot. There are a number of trails around the waterfall to explore, but vary in the degree of difficulty and should be carefully researched before venturing out into the trails.

Trophy Mountain

Known to the locals as “The Trophies,” the Trophy Mountain hikes are a popular choice for hikers of all skill levels and experiences. With only 200 meters of elevation gain, this leisurely 45-minute hike winds through ancient old growths, some as old as 250 years, and a sprinkling of streams and brooks. Once past the 1km mark, hikers are treated to an expanse of sub-alpine meadows, bursting with the bright colors of BC wildflowers.


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Hikers can continue onto Sheila Lake where the official trail ends, but many other trails can be found. Be sure to pick up a map from the Wells Gray Visitor Center before planning to go beyond Sheila Lake, and ensure to pack enough warm clothes and food for the rapidly changing weather.

Dawson Falls, Ray Family Farm & the Mushbowl

Just off Clearwater Valley Road lies a journey to a place forgotten by time. Take a walk through the ancient rainforests and you will come across the Ray Family Farm and the Majerus Homestead, slowly deteriorating back into the forests of their origins. Beyond these historic monuments lies Dawson Falls, a wide-mouth cascading waterfall also located near the Mushbowl viewing platform.

The Corridor area trails provide hikers with an itinerary of incredible sights and hikes to experience while visiting our stunning slice of paradise. This area is rich in history and immerses visitors into a perfectly preserved time capsule that dates back to the original inhabitants and caretakers of the land, the Simpcw people of the Shuswap Territory.

No matter where your journeys lead you during your stay in Clearwater BC, you can look forward to comfortable accommodations and modern amenities once you return to Alpine Meadows Resort after a long day of outdoor exploring. Unwind with a steaming hot shower, home-cooked dinner, and an immaculate starlit backdrop to enjoy while you relax into the evening.

We can’t wait to hear about your incredible adventures during your stay with us! Contact us to reserve your accomodations in the land of waterfalls, or give our helpful staff a call to inquire about availability at 250-587-6368, or tool-free at 1-866-587-6368.