What Do We Do Without You?

If you’ve visited us, you know that Alpine Meadows is in full glory in the warmer months, when the lake is clear and the wildflowers carpet the ground. But have you ever wondered what happens around here when the colder weather moves in?

Winter at Alpine is beautiful and awe-inspiring.


alpine meadows resort winter lakeview

It’s quiet here when we don’t have guests to visit with, but –even with pathways to shovel and firewood to chop– there’s a peacefulness to the snow-covered grounds that we absolutely love.

We feel there are few things more calming than the vista over the frozen lake on a winter afternoon. It’s so enticing to light a cozy fire in the cabin and gaze out at the ethereal landscape. When the sun shines, all of Alpine shimmers under a thick blanket of snow, and we can’t help but put on our snowshoes and set out on an adventure in this amazing wilderness!

Wells Gray Park’s famous waterfalls are unbelievable in winter: frozen in midair and glistening like diamonds. The forested snowshoe trails to the various falls offer exhilarating workouts and plenty of time for contemplation. The animals like to play in the snow, too, and it’s always majestic to come across a moose or a wolf out enjoying their frosty habitats.


alpine meadows resort in snowAnd, of course, in the Canadian Cariboos, winter is synonymous with skiing! The powder here is always deep and light. The extensive nordic trails and backcountry access mean there are endless opportunities to enjoy this wonderland. Clearwater Ski Hill is an uncrowded and family-friendly alpine resort that we are lucky to have nearby. Our legs definitely stay strong in the off-season!

The meadow wildflowers are buried under the snow, but the friendly spirit of our Clearwater community is in full bloom this time of year. The town hosts ice fishing and hockey competitions, and lights up a beautiful holiday tree each December. The people are always welcoming and the cocoa is hot, around here.


So, while we don’t get to share our wintertime with our guests, rest assured that we at Alpine Meadows aren’t hibernating! We relish the winter up here.

We do look forward to the spring, though, because we know that when the snow melts, we can play with you all again. Plan your 2020 warm-season visit, now!