The magnificent, untouched wilderness of the North Thompson and Wells Gray Provincial Park offers countless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Our Alpine Meadows Resort guests have discovered this awe-inspiring place on foot, by boat, by bicycle and by car.

But at the end of the day, when our guests recount the day’s adventures, some of the most enthusiastic tales come from the sky.

Gain a new perspective: soar high.

A plane ride over Wells Gray is sure to raise your spirits.

Once you’ve spent some time enjoying the forests, trails, wildlife, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls up close, why not get a birds-eye view? Two local flight outfitters offer spectacular sightseeing tours over the valley.

Wells Gray Air

Wells Gray Air, based in Clearwater, provides scenic flights and guided tours by plane. Adventurous guests are treated to once-in-a-lifetime trips over the lush landscape.

Wells Gray Park Helmcken FallsThe Wings and Waterfalls tour is a true treat, showcasing the park’s most renowned waterfalls (and several that most people never get the chance to see). For three-quarters of an hour, be dazzled by views of dramatic peaks, rushing rapids, and maybe even an eagle aerie, high in a tree. And, of course, the falls. Thundering and impressive, the park’s famed cascades are simply breathtaking from the sky. Even the well-seasoned pilots never tire of the view!

The nimble and safe Cessna 182 can take passengers to areas of the park that are otherwise inaccessible. The recent discovery of an enormous cave deep in the remote areas of Wells Gray is great news for local pilot guides. While the cave is not open to foot traffic, spying it from the sky is an unbeatable experience. The Fire & Ice tour takes adventurers on a gorgeous and informative trip above the mouth of this ancient cave (historically significant to the Simpcw and Tsq’escen’ people, and as yet unnamed), and then over the Kostal cone –an ancient volcano that is a truly remarkable sight, and back via the ever-popular Helmcken Falls.

Wells Gray Air’s other tours are equally enthralling. Glide over snowy glaciers and expansive subalpine meadows (not to be confused with Alpine Meadows, of course!). Explore the vast beauty of the region, or get a taste of the highlights of Wells Gray Park. Learn about the Canadian Gold Rush, see the intricate network of waterways, or watch the caribou run (they’ve got to keep in shape for sleigh-pulling season). No matter which flight you choose from this friendly and professional team, you’re sure to create excellent memories and an enviable Instagram page.

XSky Paragliding

More of a hardcore adventurer? Cross an item off your bucket list and take a leap of faith. Sign up for a once-in-a-lifetime tandem paragliding flight! Clearwater’s XSky Paragliding offers a heart-pumping adventure.

XSky Tandem Paragliding Clearwater Wells Gray Park

Image: XSky Paragliding

Few creatures can see the magnificent North Thompson in this manner. Join the rare ranks of red-tailed hawks, bald eagles, hooded mergansers, or our infamous Canadian geese. From the plane, you’ll view the stunning colours and lush protected forests of Wells Gray. Catch the breathtaking panoramic vistas over the still, shimmering lakes and tumultuous waterfalls. Glimpse the elusive-but-abundant wildlife. And then…become a part of it all.

Strapped to your experienced (and brave!) licensed tandem pilot, you’ll free-fall from the clouds before opening the parachute. Sail on the breeze on a leisurely and surreal 20-minute flight above Clearwater, then land softly in a clear meadow. It’s a unique and exhilarating way to get to know our wild, stunning neighbourhood. XSky provides full gliding instruction, as well as photos and videos of your flight (so you’ve got proof of your fearlessness!).

Make your visit to the North Thompson an unparalleled success. Sign up for a high-flying tour, and take everything in in ways you’ve never imagined.

We’ll be waiting for you back here at Alpine Meadows, and we can’t wait to hear your story!

Contact us to book your stay (and get ready to “wing it” here in paradise).